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Roger Fiammetti

Roger Fiammetti was born on April 27, 1962 in Liege , Belgium.

After his studies, a Graduat of kinesitherapy to E.P.S.K.E. (higher provincial school of kinesitherapy and ergotherapy) in Liege where he was rewarded by many distinctions; Roger Fiammetti continues his way by obtaining a D.O. at the B.E.L.S.O. (Belgian school of osteopathy) in Namur and Charleroi.

Fifteen years of practice in osteopathy enabled him to determine with precision the zones of the body and their emotional correspondences and to develop a technique which detects and eliminates the tissue nodes linked with emotional shocks: it is called somato-emotional osteopathy.

Parallel to his consultations, Roger Fiammetti participates in the training of the P.M.S. centers (psycho-medico-social) in Catholic schools and he is also a member of the jury for the final exams at the B.E.L.S.O. and at the E.P.S.K.E.

He is a lecturer, too. He is often invited to speak about his research as well to the general public as to health experts(dental surgeons, orthodontists …).




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