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Recovery by the body, by releasing it from its emotional rucksack.

The Body's emotional language


  Roger Fiammetti
In all the bookshops�.  

"What the words can�t express, the body takes care of it"
Isabelle God , Bookshop MOLLAT à Bordeaux.

We all come into the world with an emotional rucksack.
The fears recorded by the foetus during its intra-uterine life, at the birth and during all its life, will determine its emotional code.
These fears will be marked within the tissues and the reading of the body will allow to identify, to detect these marks of not expressed emotional shocks.
This book is a tool which makes it possible to everyone TO READ ONESELF,TO KNOW and TO RECOGNIZE ONESELF through the psychosomatic concepts, through the relations body-emotions-diseases and also through the many examples of real cases.
It offers a great technique which allows to deprogram the tissue nodes and by this effect, to untie, dissolve, release the emotional memories of the individual and so give him back his free will, his serenity, his stability, his strength, his potential, his wisdom, his life.
After many conferences I have lead for more than ten years, you will finally find the site presenting the book you expected:
The Body's emotional language published by DERVY

This book is a permanent tool of personal research. It makes it possible to detect the relations between the various relations of the body (diseases) and the emotions which start them.
It especially makes it possible to understand the way of life, the possibility everyone has to throw away forever this emotional rucksack filled with fears every individual carries inside of himself and which prevents him to live peacefully. (Fear of loving , of not pulling through, of being perfect , of existing , of not existing, shame humiliation, betrayal, abuse, influence, …).
On this site, you will find the concrete cases described in the book in order to tell them to your close relations by email if you think they can be concerned.
I will gather the same questions and I will try to answer them by topics in a monthly newsletter you can receive by email .Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter.
Pages MEDIA and CONFERENCES are “dynamic”. Try to read them regularly.
Warning: this site gives you a summary of the information contained in the book �the emotional language of the body�. Its content doesn�t replace the opinion of the doctor or psychologist. It doesn�t make a diagnosis of medical pathologies and doesn�t recommend medical treatments for such pathologies.

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