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The author, osteopath D.O., lecturer specialized in the somato-emotional approach reveals us a great secret. This secret is ours, it is the one our body has in its possession.
Our body speaks to us and gives us information to understand us, to see us with a lit, true, impartial glance. We cannot fool ourselves. The truth is in us. 

We have just to read our body, to observe it carefully.
By the somato-emotional approach (relations between the body and the emotions) the author gives us a technique which makes it possible to detect the traces of not expressed emotional shocks (thus printed) on the body and it especially creates the link between these elements and the nature of the badly lived emotions.

According to the emotions we feel during our intra-uterine life, during the childbirth and in the early childhood, the child determines a personal and single program, which can continue to load during all its existence.
These codes will determine the emotional chart of the individual.
He will grow with his fears and during all his life, he will have to fight against their effects. Only the body knows. The body speaks, even when the individual does not have anything more to say.

By his technique, the author allows to detect the emotions through the body, but especially, he gives the opportunity to eliminate the physical effects of the emotional shocks and to realise a somato-emotional balance(body-emotions) of the individual.

The analyse of emotions and their consequences in real situations will make the reading of this book fascinating. You will no longer have the same glance on the things and on yourself after this reading. It is a transformation by the reading.
By the reading of oneself, through a book. Do not be afraid, dare, read, live...

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