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Concrete cases


Mrs F.T. 35 years old, gets up the first, goes to bed the last; her activities are : ironing, cleaning, professional life, meetings, honour member in a sport club. But how isn�t she too tired ? How does she manage ?

Mrs F.T. lives with a very pernicious program of fear and she only can repress it when she has so many activities. She must move to feel she exits.

With the somato-emotional follow-up, we see that, in her tender youth, Mrs F.T. often helped her mother and at home, a child without activity was considered to be lazy.

She quickly reacted and to avoid to be rejected, excluded, exiled, she worked more and more to try to be recognised. She knows why she found this compensation and she can now take her distance and act for herself, for her own pleasure and no longer by compensation.

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  Mrs H.F. 50 years old consults for a problem of psoriasis.

C4 lesion = anger
D1 lesion = fear of losing, mourning

During the somato–emotional meeting, the patient clearly establishes the relation between her psoriasis and this anger in relation with the mourning.
Her crises of psoriasis began when she welcomed a child one and a half year ago.
She lost a daughter who died 21 years ago of leukaemia.
The disease lasted one year.
She hadn’t yet stopped the mourning of her daughter, she thought this was finished , but her body and her subconscious had decided differently.

To start a mother relation with a new child, she had first to get out of the mourning of her daughter. When she was replaced in a mother context, she automatically felt the sensations of death and anger.
To open a new book, the previous one must be closed.

To be able to get out of the mourning of her child, Mrs H.F. can imagine her daughter’s existence, limited to 11 years on this earth, was much more enriching than the existence of some people who sometimes live 90 years without anything revealing.

The mission, the way of her little daughter was perhaps well limited in time and she said her daughter carried out her task during eleven years. In the same way, a couple which lost a 22 month old child, testified their baby had given them what any human being will perhaps bring them in thousand years.

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B.M. 63 years old, suffers from cervical, back, sacroiliac pains.

Ethmoide lesion = devaluation of oneself
C4 lesion = culpability
C2 lesion = refusal of oneself
D10 lesion = loss of territory
D1 lesion = fear of daring, living, missing, not to be loved
Sacroiliac lesion = fear of daring
Costal lesions 3 4 5 = bad image, not to feel up to it …

Mrs B.M. was born after her mother had a miscarriage, she lost a
little boy she would have called Michel.
When she asked her mother why she called her “ Mich ”, this one answered it was the first name she wanted to give to the dead child.

She didn’t feel accepted as a girl and to compensate, she became a super girl, a perfect domestic, dressmaker, nurse and she sacrificed her childhood to exist for her mother.

She was useful as a maidservant and she didn’t exist.
To be useful can also mean being used.

She had a very Christian spiritual life and she was the Lord’s maidservant.
She wasn’t the spiritual channel.
She confused to serve and be used, that means to be.

She couldn’t find herself. She couldn’t live sedentarily and so she lived for many years on a boat.

She frequently goes on holiday to Chartres and she often goes to the cathedral and she walks through the labyrinth to find her centre again.

Mrs B.M. gradually calms and she plans to buy a house and to settle, because she begins to believe in herself and she finds a sense to her existence.

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J.B. 10 years old, is a child who moves all the time, he can’t remain in place and he is often said to be hypertonic. He is always ready to help, to give pleasure provided he can move.
During the first meeting, we find through the first dorsal, the fear of dying, the movement is his best proof of being alive.

His mother remembers that during her pregnancy, she often worried when the baby didn’t move, she feared he died.
So, J.B. moves all the time to prove he is alive and to reassure his mother. So he isn’t hypertonic, but hyper protector for his mom.

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  Anger is an emotion in relation with the fourth cervical vertebra.
It is a very bad adviser and always a disadvantage in confrontations. Even if you are right, the use of anger during negotiations unbalances the exchanges.
If you want to eliminate anger, it is better to follow a peaceful way; anger could be represented by a sand bag of five kilos we must eliminate without too much damage. Here we have some solutions:

  • the first ... throwing this bag to get rid of it (you imagine you throw it through the window) with the risk someone receives it on his head and is wounded.
    That is what occurs when you brutally express your anger and your interlocutor feels attacked. This attitude will never be a right attitude because anger will be due to an excess of pressures. The person who is angry will always be badly judged, even if he is right and violence makes him lose, if not all, in any case a part of his fight.
  • the second ... keeping this sand bag in your inside pocket and walk until your clothes and body are deformed.
    That corresponds to people who preserve their anger until somatisation (psoriasis, eczema, acne).
    They keep in them these tensions which the body will exteriorize in the form of diseases, known as psychosomatic diseases.
    This solution in spite of its frequency is not very advisable.
  • the third ... simply evacuating this anger without any movement, without wounding anybody, with a perfect wisdom.
    We will simply place this bag in our pocket and we will perforate the bag and the pocket and walk for a long time.
    Sand will slowly fall along our leg and the thousands of small grains will fall without disturbing anybody and without seeing them.
    At the end of the walk, the sand bag will be empty and nobody will have seen anything.
    This method requires a certain wisdom and self-control.
    First it requires an elimination of the sufferings. If this suffering disappears it is very easy to stand back from this anger and the relations are directly much easier.

    It is obvious this third solution is the best one.
    It requires a stand back thanks to the elimination of the sufferings marked in the cellular and tissue memory.

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Mr CV., 40 years old. At 12 years old he was dominated during two years by a 17 years older boy.
He complained about it to his mother who didn’t “hear” him; he was very disappointed and especially bewildered.
It developed an enormous anger against this “elder” and (the patient is 40 years old) he isn’t ready to meet him now…
But, he also developed an enormous anger against his mother who didn’t protect him and let him suffer during two years.
Since then, this man has a terrible headache and he suffers from impotence.
This impotence results from a repressed anger against his mother and he transfers it against his wife. So he hasn’t a harmonious couple life.
In the same way, in some couples, the reconciliation following an argument is often magic because anger falls down in order not to lose their partner.
The good energy of love appears then after the periods of crisis.
But if anger remains after many discussions, this one can damage human relations and make the partner impotent.
This man wants to dominate his wife as he would have dominated his mother and especially the “older” who tortured him; but as he wants to find again his authority, his autonomy, his potential in anger, he loses any power and becomes impotent

We also note the sacred plexus is in relation with the cervical plexus and that not expressed anger will reach the cervical zone.

C4 lesion = anger
C5 lesion = fear of speaking in relation with the Thyroid
Maxillary lesion = loss of power, old anger

The thyroid unbalance can disturb the hormonal and sexual balance.
Anger and sexual appetite are also in relation to the limbic system hypothalamus.

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  CULPABILITY when you own us…  

Mr A.B. 29 years old, married, a child, feels guilty by his envious brother. He doesn’t dare to undertake anything while he has a great potential . He is complexed by his small size and wonders why he didn’t grow to make shade to his jealous brother

Culpability to grow

He becomes aware of his brakes, he eliminates the tissue nodes by the method in somato–emotional approach.
He decides to start his career in the horeca (hotel – restaurant – café).
He developed a very prosperous “little business”.
He is now a great restaurant owner.

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G.L. years old : he has suffered from gingivitis of the lower jaw for some years.

D9 lesion = fear of abandonment, liver
D7 lesion = family conflicts
D1 lesion = fear of losing, mourning
C1 lesion = ideas which turn in the head
Maxillary lesion = driven back anger, fear of biting

Mr G.L. lost his father when he was 18 years old after a medical error.
Mr G.L. didn’t want to complain even if he held evidences.
He still feels guilty and thinks of it all the time.
He says he loosely left his father, because he hadn’t avenged him.
Not regulated injustice.
He couldn’t bite and gingivitis corresponds to the conflicts of people who are afraid of biting, defending themselves, recognizing their rights.

To bite = To say         To defend oneself = To say

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  also fear of second session exams.

After the birth, it is frequent in the U.S.A. osteopaths reharmonize the craniums of the babies after the different perinatal traumatisms such as the expulsion with the forceps, the suction cup or Caesarean.
They analyse the losses of mobility and restore an optimal activity at the first moments of the air, extra-uterine life.
To give the breast also makes it possible to the baby to reorganize the balance of the cranium (you can observe it when you look at the cranium and skin of the baby who is sucking and we will have a good maxillary growth).

The foetus which is ready to be born is in this tunnel where it progresses with the contractions of the womb which push it to the bottom, outside with the relaxation of the muscles of the perineum (between the anus and the vulva), under the dependence and the control of the mother.
We are confused about this tunnel, where it is more and more bright when the baby leaves it as far as the possible analogies with the hard moments of the life are concerned : “I am at the end of the tunnel, I don’t see the end of the tunnel, the light is at the end of the tunnel”. Would it be the first preparation of the end-of-year exams ?
Can we better understand why some students for “unexplained” reasons suddenly lose their physical and intellectual means in front of their exam and examiner?
In the same way, the employee in front of his boss, the manager in front of the administrative charges, the instructor or teacher in front of insolent or disturber students, the businessman in front of the time which goes too quickly (we also speak about “time passage”) doesn’t control his success (risks of infarct : the coronary arteries are passages where arterial blood circulates to feed, in parallel network, the heart. When these” small corridors” are blocked we see a contraction of the (cardiac) tissues and it leads to an infarct of the myocardium.

We live various passages (exams at school, the marriage, the pedestrian crossings in the cities, the removals, the death).

The aim of this approach is to clean us from our fears we took in the intra-uterine life and at the time of this first passage : the birth. So we will be able to live the following passages better than the last one that is to say the death in serenity and power.

The aim of our life is to eliminate all these small “deaths” (fears) which prevent us from vibrating, being in harmony with ourselves.

The distance from yourself to yourself must be zero if you want to communicate with yourself.
If this distance is zero you are well everywhere, you are vibrating everywhere.

Some people must go on holiday very far.
The distance is often equal to the one which separates them from themselves.

The symptoms from the lesion of the first dorsal vertebra D1, are numerous but significant and quite specific.

The feeling of being in a daze, of being always tired .
Loss of energy, attention, vigilance .
The morning you wake up even more tired than in the evening. Difficulties of starting.
The more you sleep, the more you get tired.
The eyes are tired, the eyelids are heavy, the nose is constantly blocked and you want to go outside to breathe.
You have the feeling to be there without being there.
Loss of concentration, loss of memory.
When you read a book, you don’t know what you have read on the first page.
It is difficult to start.
When the machine is launched, it is difficult to stop it.
You want to do many things but you don’t have the energy.

It is not the same as depression because you want to do things.
If the individual who is extremely tired starts, he works well.
But if he stops, the “engine” stops, too.
Just like an adolescent at the traffic lights : he “steps on the gas” of his motorcycle all the time because he fears the engine stops !

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  S.L. 14 years old comes with his mother, he seems to be a looser.
He comes with greasy hair, his shoulders in rotation, his vertebral column is bent.

Lesion of the first D1 dorsal.

The teenager came for the first time in November.
In June of the same school year, teachers congratulated him : “We haven’t had a student like you for twenty years”.
S.L. simply had the maximum or the 90 % in the various courses and only one student had the same results 20 years earlier.

Many students come back every year in February or March to prepare the exams.

Is it a ritual, a need of confidence or placebo ?

The main thing is the result, when you study quicklier and especially when you understand the courses : no comment.

To succeed in one’s studies is to succeed in one’s choices of life.
It is better to be at the top when you pass your exams.

It is not because you were afraid at your birth that you must live with this fear all your life.

You can also “deprogram” it.

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